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New Jersey Unum claims lawyer - Michael Quiat

By far, the biggest and most controversial of the disability insurance companies is Unum. Unum disability insurance has a well-documented history of denying disability claims which should not be denied. If you want to file Unum disability claims, then you should contact a claims lawyer at Uscher, Quiat, Uscher & Russo, P.C., immediately.

For All Unum Disability Claims, An Experienced And Aggressive New Jersey/New York Claims Lawyer Is A MUST

The truth of this statement was recently demonstrated when our attorneys were able to convince Unum that the denial of disability income benefits to a client with severe loss of vision caused by optic nerve damage was not caused by “loss resulting from either or both eyes,” which was an exclusion in the client’s policy.

Unum also has a well-deserved reputation for stonewalling disability claims to the bitter end.Sometimes, the disability income claim denial tactics used by Unum and its affiliated companies (i.e. Paul Revere, Provident Life and Accident, First Unum Life Insurance Company) are highly questionable, even though the company knows the consequences a long-term disability claims denial will have on the policyholder. In addition to being sick or injured at the time the claim is made, the claimant is earning nothing to support their family.

One reason why Unum is able to get away with denying valid disability claims is because of what many disability insurance professionals call the “wimp” factor. This means that Unum knows a substantial percentage of their potential claimants will be too timid to appeal their claims when they’re faced with denial. When claimants fail to challenge a wrongful denial of disability benefits, the money which should go to assist and maintain disabled claimants instead goes to Unum’s bottom line profit

Unum claims lawyers are not the only people to see these gross injustices. A Nevada Federal District Court judge also unleashed his fury onto Unum and its wholly-owned subsidiary, the Paul Revere Life Insurance Company, when they failed to approve an obviously valid claim. In this disability claims insurance case, the court awarded a plaintiff more than $26 million in punitive damages against Unum and allowed another $36 million in punitive damages to stand against Paul Revere.

Merrick v. Paul Revere Life Insurance Company

After a thorough review of the evidence in the case, the Nevada Court found in the Merrick v. Paul Revere Life Insurance Company case that Unum had been engaged in highly reprehensible conduct in order to boost its own profits, had intentionally set its sights on the financially vulnerable, and was thereby endangering the health and welfare of the policyholder and his family. The judge further concluded that Unum had repeatedly engaged in the same type of conduct toward its policyholder and others when those policyholders were at a low point in their life.

In the 39-page blow-by-blow court discussion of the methods Unum used to avoid paying benefits due under its disability income policy, the Court concluded that Unum had concocted a corporate scheme in order to boost profits at the expense of its policyholders.

Deny, Deny, Deny

It can be a tough battle for a policyholder to protect himself or herself against a disability insurer once the insurer denies the disability claim. One of the only ways to handle such a campaign of deny, deny, deny is to retain a veteran disability claims attorney with years of experience in fighting with Unum. There is simply no substitute when fighting against insurance companies who say “no” to disability income claims. For these situations, Mike Quiat is the go-to attorney to get the job done right.

Uscher, Quiat, Uscher & Russo, P.C. has plenty of company experience when it comes to combating Unum tactics. Unum’s history of claims denials triggered the wrath of 49 States in 2004, alone. These 49 states retaliated by conducting a national insurance probe which concluded with Unum paying a hefty fine and agreeing to reopen and reconsider 215,000 denied Unum disability claims.

Questionable long-standing Unum practices cited by the states were low-balling settlement offers to Unum claimants, claiming that the disabling conditions were preexisting, losing important paperwork and reports submitted by claimants, in addition to having policyholders examined by less than impartial Unum-hired physicians.

Also, it should be known to anyone with an established long-term disability claim with Unum and its associate companies that these companies are always looking to save money, often at the claimant’s expense. To conserve money, they are buying out disability claims and negotiating settlements on terms that are beneficial to them, but not beneficial for claimants. A beneficiary of such a settlement needs to retain a veteran Unum claims lawyer who knows the insurer’s tricks to assist the claimant through the complicated details of a buyout. After all, these beneficiaries want to be certain that they are going to get a fair payout in return for giving up their claim. All disability income insurance buyouts present important issues which must be discussed with and understood by the claimant, before any such buyout is negotiated.

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The attorneys at Uscher, Quiat, Uscher & Russo, P.C., have plenty of buyout experience. We have had hundreds of claims and cases with Unum companies, and have successfully fought the denial of disability income benefits involving physical injuries, illnesses, depression, and other psychiatric disabilities, as well as fibromyalgia and a host of other disabling maladies.

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