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Our New Jersey Long-Term Disability Lawyer Explains The Steps To Appeal

If you have tried to obtain your long-term disability (LTD) insurance benefits and have been denied, don’t give up hope. Many LTD claims are initially turned down, and some insurance companies deny claims that are perfectly legitimate and should be paid. Don’t be discouraged by your initial denial. With the help of our New Jersey And New York long-term disability lawyer and some persistence, your chances at a successful appeal will be greatly improved.

The First Steps

  • Make Sure To Get A Copy Of Your Policy: If you don’t already have it, acquire a copy of the LTD policy plan documents. These include the summary plan description. This can be found in your company’s HR department (if your company provides group insurance) or straight from the insurer. However, this task can sometimes be difficult. If your insurer or HR department does not provide you with the plan documents, write up a request to the insurance company’s plan administrator because he/she is required by federal law (ERISA) to provide them. Remember that all plan documents and correspondence should be sent via certified mail (and don’t forget to ask for a return receipt).
  • Carefully Read The Denial Letter: You must review the denial letter. Note the reasons why your first claim was rejected and any other important information that might be necessary to approve your claim. This letter should explain how and when to file your first appeal eventually. Add these deadlines to your calendar. Tardiness is the fastest way to lose an appeal.
  • Hire A Lawyer: If you’re thinking about hiring a New Jersey disability lawyer to help you navigate your LTD case, do this as soon as possible. Most claimants wait until they receive their denial letter, but a good long-term disability lawyer can often help you file what could be a successful initial claim. When hiring your lawyer, make sure he/she is specialized in ERISA law. Your case will be taken far more seriously with all the appropriate medical evidence, opinions, and vocational experts.

Contact A New Jersey/New York Disability Lawyer

For more help with your initial claim or appeal, call a disability lawyer in New York or New Jersey: 201-781-5645 or send an email now.