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ERISA Attorney Explains ERISA Claims

Attorney Mike Quiat

ERISA is a federal statute and stands for the Employee Retirement Income Security Act. It applies to employer-sponsored group policies which cover more than 150 million Americans. There is only one reliable way to appeal denied ERISA claims for long-term disability or life insurance benefits, and that is to know how to unlock the often complex rules that govern ERISA claims. Even many attorneys are not familiar with the intricacies of ERISA law. It is, therefore, necessary to work with an experienced ERISA attorney.

After faithfully paying premium for years through your place of employment, insurance carriers may refuse to hold up their end of the bargain and refuse to make disability payments under ERISA. For most policyholders, denied ERISA claims always seem to happen just as they become sick or injured. Thus, it happens when they need their benefits the most since they’re unable to work.

When that happens, Uscher, Quiat, Uscher & Russo, P.C.‘s veteran ERISA attorneys, say “DON’T TAKE ‘NO’ FOR AN ANSWER.” ERISA is a complex federal law that comes with its own rules and timetables, which are very strictly enforced by federal judges. What you need is a veteran disability insurance attorney who is experienced in pursuing ERISA benefits so that you can get through the claims process successfully.

How Our New Jersey And New York ERISA Lawyer Can Help

Our experienced New Jersey and New York ERISA lawyers are accustomed to acting quickly. This is because we know that our clients are hurting physically, psychologically and economically. Our ERISA lawyers know how to get the job done, starting with the detailed and complex claim forms that are required by every single disability insurance carrier. This is the time to hire a lawyer to make sure you get it done correctly. Waiting until a claim is denied is sometimes too late.

Uscher, Quiat, Uscher & Russo, P.C., has represented ERISA, LTD, life and disability insurance clients in New Jersey, New York, and throughout the United States for more than 40 years.

Our lawyers have made ERISA, disability income, life insurance, and other complex insurance claims our specialty for more than three decades. Uscher, Quiat, Uscher & Russo, P.C., has successfully fought nearly every major insurance company to win ERISA denied benefits for a variety of claimants.

In addition to this, our attorneys have been leaders in the fight to level the playing field for ERISA claimants in New York and New Jersey, and throughout the nation. We have called for state insurance regulators to ban so-called “discretionary clauses” from ERISA policies in their respective states.

Such “discretionary clauses” give insurance companies nearly unlimited authority to approve or deny ERISA claims. And for many policyholders, this unfortunately means that they are denied benefits.

Learn more about how our attorneys can help you overcome the pitfalls of an ERISA claim:

Once the insurer denies the claim, the ERISA claimant faces a much steeper uphill legal battle than would have been the case if the ERISA policy had not included a “discretionary clause”. You should not take an ERISA claims battle lightly.

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