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Federal And ERISA Lawsuits

Filing an ERISA lawsuit may seem like a daunting process, but with New Jersey and New York ERISA disability claim lawyers on your side, it can be easier. ERISA stands for Employment Retirement Income Security Act and helps the Department of Labor ensure that their pension plans are properly managed. A federal lawsuit under ERISA may be filed in the case of an unjust denial of your pension benefits.

When To File A Federal Lawsuit

You may also file a lawsuit when a pension plan makes a decision that will impact future pension benefits. Lawsuits can also be filed as a means to induce the pension plan to provide appropriate disclosures and comply with other rules under ERISA. Another reason to file a lawsuit is if your pension plan is being inadequately managed.

Claiming Pension Benefits

Each pension plan has its own procedure for claiming benefits, but there are some ERISA rules that apply to the process. For example, under ERISA, you must receive a written statement of the decision for your filed claim within a reasonable time. If you are denied pension benefits, the written statement must explain the decision. Your pension plan materials must explain how you can go about making an appeal, and the pension plan must make it possible for you to examine its records and files if you make an appeal. Within 60 days of the date you filed your appeal, you must receive a written decision from the pension plan administrators. If your appeal is denied, you are still able to pursue the claim in court.

Contact Our New York And New Jersey Disability Claim Lawyers

A lawyer may be able to help you file an ERISA lawsuit, claim your pension benefits or work through the appeals process. Contact Uscher, Quiat, Uscher & Russo, P.C. at 201-781-5645 or via email for a consultation. Because ERISA laws are complex, ERISA disability claim lawyers may prove to be valuable allies.