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Long-Term Disability Case Assistance

Your disability lawyers in New Jersey and New York can provide assistance when filing a long-term disability claim after you have been injured or become ill and cannot work.

Our LTD Disability Lawyers In Will Explain How LTD Insurers Function

You might have concerns about receiving approval for LTD benefits after you have become ill or gotten injured and are unable to return to work. The LTD insurers prefer to be able to deny claims because this can benefit their profits. With this in mind, it is important to remember that the LTD insurer is not going to be impartial as the federal government would be in a Social Security disability case. If the LTD company denies claims, it will save them money.

There are various tactics that the LTD company can try to use to have a basis to deny a claim. Some of them are considered unfair. The company can hire an investigator to conduct surveillance on the claimant to see if there are any activities being done that could call the injury or illness into question. The simple act of retrieving the newspaper, bringing the trash out for collection, or going to the store can all be taken as a negative toward the approval of a claim.

The company might not simply stop at denying the claim. They might go so far as to say that the claimant is misrepresenting the injury or illness. The problem with video evidence is that it rarely shows the entire story. A claimant might be able to do basic things such as those listed above, but he or she was not recorded resting and recovering. The LTD company will use only the portions of the video that benefit their attempts to deny the claim.

How An Attorney Can Benefit You In An LTD Case

Since LTD companies will sometimes use questionable tactics to deny claims, it is even more imperative to have legal assistance with a case. Having legal help can be especially beneficial before the claim is filed. When the claim starts, the insurance company will likely ask for various pieces of information. You might give that information to them unaware that it will later be used against you. The company can ask that you sign waivers for them to garner certain pieces of information such as your credit history. This can be used later as they conduct an investigation. The majority of claimants will try to be helpful and comply with the LTD insurer’s requests without knowing the damage that can be done. A lawyer can avoid this by advising you about your obligations to the insurer, and when the demands of the insurer become unreasonable.

It is imperative to have legal help. The LTD company will not inform you that your record will have been “closed” by the time the administrative appeals process is over. This means that you will no longer be able to add evidence to your file. If the company informed you of this from the start, you would probably try to make certain that the medical evidence supporting your claim is part of the file prior to the hearing. That can include asking doctors to provide records about your injury or illness. The LTD insurers will hope that you will not know the details of how claims are handled so they can better take advantage of this lack of knowledge to deny the claim.

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