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Disability Law: Explained By A New Jersey And New York Disability Lawyer

If you qualify for long-term disability benefits, a disability lawyer may be able to help you obtain the benefits you need and deserve under the law. Long-term disability insurance can be purchased under a private policy of insurance or under a group policy which is frequently governed by ERISA. Your employer or some other group covers the latter.

It is important to understand that even if your disability appears obvious to you, a long-term disability insurance carrier will still scrutinize your claim looking for reasons to deny benefits. Therefore, if you are seeking long-term disability benefits, you should not go through the process alone. Contact a disability lawyer with experience in long-term disability claims and cases.

The disability lawyers at Uscher, Quiat, Uscher & Russo, P.C., have handled countless claims for long-term disability insurance and are ready to assist you with yours. We have a proven track record of success in helping people obtain the disability benefits they need and deserve under the law.

Claim Denial And Long-Term Disability Insurance Carriers

In many cases, disability insurance carriers will deny claims for long term disability benefits even when those denials are not lawful. This is especially true when the insurance carrier does not hear from the insured’s health care providers. When it comes to long-term disability benefits, the insurance carriers are not on your side, and they will scour your medical records to find and exploit any negative piece of information every recorded about you – and use it against you in your claim for disability benefits.

In fact, disability insurance carriers will use all resources at their disposal to deny you long-term disability benefits. This may even include interviews and surveillance. Moreover, the insurance company may review or challenge your claim for long-term disability benefits at any time – even if your condition has not improved over time.

An experienced disability lawyer will be aware of these tactics and can help you obtain the benefits you need and deserve under the law.

The Overall Claims Process

Filing a claim for long-term disability can be an extremely complicated process, and you must complete all of the required paperwork completely and correctly. After your application has been submitted, the insurance carrier will do a thorough investigation and eventually make a decision about your claim. If the insurance carrier denies your claim for benefits, you are entitled to an explanation as to why. You can then decide whether or not to appeal the carrier’s decision.

The lawyers at Uscher, Quiat, Uscher & Russo, P.C., can help you make sense of the complex claims process for long-term disability benefits and can answer all of your legal questions.

How A Disability Lawyer In New York May Be Able To Help You With Your Claim

A disability lawyer can be an invaluable help to you throughout the claims process and may be able to help you obtain benefits. A long-term disability lawyer may also be able to assist you with the following:

  • Provide you with sound legal advice and review your policies or summary plan descriptions – as well as your medical records – with you before filing your claim for long-term disability benefits
  • Assist you in preparing your application for long-term disability benefits
  • Provide the insurance company with medical and/or vocational reports in support of your disability claim
  • Help you obtain the maximum amount of disability benefits available to you under the law.
  • Refer you to medical experts or vocational rehabilitation experts and respond to the insurance company’s representatives (e.g., when they insist that you undergo a functional capacity evaluation or see their doctors for a permanency evaluation)
  • File an appeal if your claim for long-term disability benefits is denied
  • Help protect your existing benefits from termination and appeal any benefit suspensions or reductions.

Contact A New York Disability Lawyer Today To Discuss Your Case

When it comes to long-term disability benefits, the insurance company is not on your side, and you will need someone who is. A New York and New Jersey disability attorney will be able to discuss your individual medical needs with you, negotiate with the insurance company on your behalf, and help you obtain the disability benefits to which you are entitled.

Contact a disability lawyer at Uscher, Quiat, Uscher & Russo, P.C., by calling 201-781-5645, for a free initial consultation.