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What’s the time frame for an ERISA Disability Claim in New Jersey?

On Behalf of | Jun 2, 2021 | ERISA

The Employee Retirement Income Security Act (ERISA) requires that your employer provide all necessary information to you about your retirement, health, and disability benefits. If your benefits package through your New Jersey employer comes with a long-term disability plan, it would be covered under ERISA.

If you’re looking at filing an ERISA disability claim, you probably have lots of questions regarding processing and eligibility. But the most pressing question to those who can’t work due to their disability claim is how long it takes for ERISA disability claims to be processed and paid out.

What is the general timeline for an ERISA disability claim?

Before filing, closely review all of the information provided to you by your employer about your disability benefits. In addition, make sure you have a copy of the LTD policy and all pertinent medical documentation necessary to submit your claim.

Your benefits provider has up to 45 days after you’ve filed the claim to make a decision. However, they can apply for an extension period of up to 30 days. Your provider is required to inform you before the 45th day that they have extended the decision period.

Why would my provider request an additional 30 days to make a decision?

There are a few different reasons that a provider asks for an additional 30 days to approve or deny your claim. One of the most common is that they need more information about your disability. If they request more information from you, you will have up to 45 days to supply that information.

From that point, your provider is required to make a decision within 30 days of receiving the supplemental information. If your claim is denied, you still have the option to appeal the decision. A disability lawyer will be able to help with your appeal.