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How an attorney can help with your ERISA claim

On Behalf of | Dec 11, 2020 | ERISA

When it comes time to claim disability benefits, most people assume the process will be relatively straightforward. You submit your claim, your insurance provider approves. However, claims made under the Employee Retirement Income Security Act (ERISA) are not like making a claim under your auto insurance policy. Federal law applies to ERISA claims, and these matters can get complicated quickly. Having an attorney on your side to help guide you through this process can help give you the best chance at recovering the benefits you need.

A lawyer can help put together a strong initial claim

Too many law firms focus their practice on ERISA appeals. Your life would be much easier if you could recover your benefits upon your initial application. An attorney understands what types of information insurance companies are looking for. A lawyer can gather all of the necessary documentation and required medical evidence to put forth a strong initial claim. You should never begin the process resigned to defeat. That said…

You probably only have one shot at an appeal

While an attorney can help you put together a solid initial claim, nothing is ever foolproof. If your claim is denied, most insurance providers only give you one chance at an appeal. The good news is you can supply additional medical evidence as part of your appeal. This can include a new medical diagnosis or evidence that your condition is worsening. The bad news is this is your only shot at submitting new evidence. An attorney can help you present the best case for why you should be entitled to disability benefits.

An attorney understands the court system

If your appeal fails, you can always take your case to court. A lawyer understands the court process and procedures and can help you present the most effective case. This is your last chance at recovery, and you shouldn’t go it alone.

A lawyer will protect your interests every step of the way

A successful ERISA claim is essential to your well-being. Having an attorney on your side throughout this process can help ensure your interests remain protected. The claims process is more complicated than you may think. Help from a skilled legal professional can mean the difference between victory and defeat.